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A closer tie with nature

There are some cracker docos lurking about at the moment that take this New Zealand life at an altogether slower pace that I thought I would share with you all.

This Way of Life showed at the last Wellington film festival and is still screening at a couple of theatres about the place. I heard them talking about it on National Radio as it has been shortlisted for best documentary for the Oscars and went to watch the trailer. If it is anything like this it looks absolutely profound.

I just recently watched Land of the Long White Cloud. Its made by Florian Habicht who directed the glorious Kaikohe Demolition a few years back. Land of the Long White Cloud documents the Snapper Classic held on Ninety Mile Beach, purportedly the largest fishing competition in the world. Who knew? The beauty of the doco is that is not about this at all – but about the characters that are New Zealand fisherman. The doco makers  ask a bounty of men in waders about whether they believe in the afterlife, what love is, and where they were when Lady Diana died. The answers are at times deep and other times hilarious – and all times engaging. To get a salt of the ocean measure of the true Kiwi fisherman, I totally recommend it.

I can’t actually find the trailer, but here is a slice of the film for a taster.

What a beautiful place we live in eh?

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