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Icebreaker and The Big Shwop

There is a huge amount of  work that goes in behind the scenes of The Big Shwop. While putting on an awesome eco-fashion event is stacks of fun, before we get to see lots of  wonderful people shwopping clothes – we have to deal with some very pesky pieces of hardware – namely clothes hangers and clothes racks. Clothes hangers are total demons. And clothes racks, well they are quite so crafty but they are perhaps  a little more elusive.

That is where our wonderful friends at Icebreaker fit in. They lent us their beautiful spanky workroom racks for the last shwop, and this time we’ve got our hands on their nice racks again too 😉

Thanks Icebreaker. You guys, and your racks, rock our world.

PS. apologies for the rack puns. I just couldn’t help it.

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