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Collaborative shwoppers!

I just stumbled across this video, and it really filled me with joy. Its great to see a simple clip define a change in society so clearly. I can see how The Big Shwop is part of a new movement to share, lend, trade, gift and swap – there are heaps of new phenomena, CoachSurfing, Trademe, Freecycle. Technology is helping us to interact in better,  exciting ways – a time of change that is for sure!

And if you are a coming to The Big Shwop this Sunday (squeals of excitement!), isn’t it cool to think you are partaking in a new way of shopping that is kind to the earth and to each other?  Have a watch….

Yay for Collaborative Consumption.  Down Hyper-consumption! Good dog.

1 thought on “Collaborative shwoppers!”

  1. Yep… Hurrah… I’m all for collaborative and moderate consumption rather than Hyper consumption…
    But I also think that volunteers who give their time for free in the community (and especially whose organisation/s are not in the big bucks) should be able to swap without incurring an entrance fee at the Big Shwop… otherwise it all defeats the purpose.
    That becomes alienation via exclusivity of the elite few, who can pay to play, no longer collaborative recycling consumption.


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