The Big Shwop, Wellington

Less than a week to go…

Time sure does fly – here we are just several days out from the sixth Big Shwop.   Tomorrow there will be deliveries arriving from our wonderful eco-sponsors, final emails to the volunteers and coat racks to collect.  It’s a great feeling – we’re pretty much all sorted, so here’s a few more tips to help you be sorted on the day!

– Designer labels are great – but try them on, as we all know but often forget, they’re not much good if they don’t fit properly.

– Don’t forget about accessories –  a great way to add a little pizzazz to your look, and it’s always easy to find something that fits.

– Don’t be in too much of a rush to leave – if you linger a bit you’ll find that lots of fantastic clothes make their way back from the changing rooms so there are always gems to be found right up to the end of the shwop when there are less people around

– Stay focused – know what you’re looking for in The Big Shwop and keep that in mind as you look through the racks

– If you don’t use all your vouchers don’t worry,  we’ll record those extra vouchers on one our new re-shwop cards which will allow you to use them at our next shwop

– Have fun and remember, just by being at The Big Shwop you are participating in a sustainable new way of shopping

– Thanks for reading and we hope to see you there!

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