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Tuatara and The Big Shwop

And we have another exciting development!

With the introduction of the brand new He-shwop we got round to thinking hey what can we do to make the shwop a little more man-friendly?   So off we went and approached award winning local brewery Tuatara to see if they could help us out…  Well before you could say Bob’s-your-uncle, the good men at Tuatara were loading up their van and asking where we wanted it delivered.  Result!

One thing we love about Tuatara is that they use only natural ingredients, no chemicals, no additives.  It’s strictly water, barley, hops, yeast and, in the case of the Hefe brew, wheat.  Apart from the yeast, all the ingredients are locally sourced.  So he-shwoppers what are you waiting for?  Come and find out what the big shwop is all about and you’ll get to enjoy a complimentary Tuatara beer!

By the way it’s not only Tuatara beer that makes the shwop man-friendly.  You’ll have your own man area, all set up just for you – see ya there!

– Chrissy

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