The Big Shwop, thumbs up, Wellington

MOMO wines – the official wine of The Big Shwop

Today we have a guest post from Joanna Glover at MOMO wines. We love these guys – they have been alongside us right from the very start helping to make The Big Shwop fabulous. The Big Shwop on this Sunday is no different – all shwoppers can enjoy MOMO wine in the interlude between drop off and the shwop starting. MOMO wines align with what The Big Shwop is – conscious, fashion and feel-good. With no further a-do, I will pass you over to Joanna…….

MOMO has been the official wine of The Big Shwop since the first Wellington event in 2008. The Big Shwop events are a fabulous afternoon out, but more importantly, shwopping provides an opportunity for people to recycle and reuse. We’re proud to support an event which encourages people to think about how they consume resources and to consider alternatives which are more kind to the earth.

MOMO, meaning offspring in Maori, is produced by Seresin Estate in Marlborough. We are a family owned estate, which spans three different vineyard properties encompassing olive groves, gardens, pasture, livestock, orchards and native wetlands. Our land is certified organic and biodynamic, we do not use any chemicals in our farming, replacing them with natural composts and specially formulated biodynamic preparations to promote healthy soil and healthy plants. We believe that natural winemaking, using biodynamic principles results in more interesting, complex and individual wines. Without additions and subtractions the wines speak for themselves and tell of story of where they are grown and made. We want our business to leave a light footprint; it’s an ethical consideration, if you can make great wine naturally, why not do it?

If you’re interested in learning more about our organic and biodynamic viticulture please check out our blog.We hope you enjoy your Shwopping experience and your glass of MOMO Sauvignon Blanc – as a further thank you for attending all Shwoppers receive a 20% discount on all MOMO wines

Please email to order.

Joanna Glover, Seresin & MOMO wines;

Thanks to Joanna and the team at MOMO wines. Inga, Chrissy and I are heading down to visit them all in Spring, and quite frankly, I can’t wait!

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