The Big Shwop, thumbs up, Wellington

Trilogy eco-gifts for shwoppers!

Not registered yet? Well then you really really should! Pre-registering not only guarantees you a spot on the day, and the ability to shwop up to twenty items of clothing but also endows you with a bunch of wonderful complimentary eco-gifts from Trilogy skincare, MOMO wines and ecostore.

And we aren’t talking sample size freebies that you would rather do without, but gorgeous, beautiful full-sized choiceness. Its our way of thanking you for thinking about other, more responsible ways to shop.

Today, I thought we’d thumbs up the wonderful ladies at Trilogy skincare. Trilogy started right here in Wellington eight years ago. Their products are based around the trilogy of simplicity, purity and vitality and all their quality skin and hair care products are ethically and environmentally responsible.

Sarah Gibbs and Catherine de Groot - co founders of Trilogy

All lady shwoppers receive a jar of Trilogy’s wonderful Everything Balm(RRP$22). This stuff is dynamite – 100% natural, multi-purpose, thirst quenching balm. I love it and you will too.

And all the men attending our first He-Shwop will be receiving a splendid After Shave Balm (RRP $32.50) from their Natural Actives for Men range. I can’t say I’ve tried it, but I bet its awesome boys.

BUT WAIT! There’s more! What’s that – I sound like a TV ad? Well, heck I am excited, what can I say.

Bring in a used(it needs to be less than 1/4 full) non-Trilogy cleanser and trade it in with the Trilogy ladies at The Big Shwop for a brand new 45ml Trilogy cleanser to suit your skin!

Total result! The Big Shwop – a total shwopping experience.

Get onto our website, pay your $20 entry fee online, and get ready to collect a whole bundle of wonderful eco choice-ness.

And there’s even more to come along yet! Stay tuned shwopaholics.

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