The Big Shwop, Wellington

Less than 2 weeks to go…

With less than two weeks until the shwop it’s time to have a closer look at the clothes you put aside last week.

The event is only as good as the clothes people bring in so we encourage people to be brave with what they bring in and we favour NZ, designer and vintage labels over anything high street.  Regarding clothes made cheaply – as a general rule of thumb – if it was cheap to buy in the first place then it probably won’t be accepted in the shwop.

Make sure that what you do bring in is in pristine condition – are there any hidden spots that can be removed or missing buttons that can be replaced?   Now’s the time to tie up loose threads and get your clothes looking ready for the shwop shop.  Take a look on our website if you’re not sure what’s accepted and what’s not.

Great, so now that you’ve sorted what you’ll take along to the shwop – think about what you’d like to come home with.   It’s a really good idea to go into the shwop with a clear idea of what you’re after.  All the clothes will be sorted into categories; skirts with skirts and jackets with jackets so you can make a beeline for whichever item you are after.

S0 what’s missing from your wardrobe..?  Looking for something to spruce up your winter look or being more optimistic and checking out the 2010 spring trends?

Jumpsuit anyone?

– Chrissy

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