The Big Shwop, Wellington

Less than 3 weeks to go

Welcome to the first of three entries bringing you weekly tips for getting the most out of your  shwopping experience.

If you haven’t already, circle the date in your calendar, (25 July)  call your friends and book them in,  then take a look through your husband/partner/boyfriends wardrobe and book him in too.  Plan to make a day of it – there’ll be music, lunch at the Jimmy and a couple of inspiring local business women sharing their experiences with us.

Right… so with less than 3 weeks to go it’s time to give your wardrobe a shakedown and dig out those items that haven’t seen the light of day in a while.  We are well into winter now, (as if anyone needs reminding) so chances are  if you haven’t worn it by now you’re not going to.  If you’re anything like me though there’ll be a few items that you’re hanging on to “just in case,” so use this time to give those items another outing before deciding.  If you’re not sure about what’s accepted at the shwop just check our website for details.

Registrations have just opened so jump on and secure your place, it’s just $20 for up to 20 items of clothing – still the best deal in town!

Don’t forget to spread the word – the more people that get into slow fashion – recycling, upcycling, shwopping – the happier our planet will be.

Tune in next week when we have just 2 weeks to go!


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