The Big Shwop, Wellington

And……. Go!

So very exciting to open registrations for The Big Shwop – Wellington. Sunday 25 July at the St James Theatre. Awesome! It is going to be absolutely fantastic.

$20 registration and you can shwop up to 20 pieces of clothing from your wardrobe! Bargain.  You know all those choice-as pieces  of clothing you have in your drawers, that you love in theory, but in practice you never wear? Bring them in and shwop them up.

Someone else didn't love it, but by heck I do!

AND, this shwop, we have extra, after extra, after extra to treat you with.  So stay tuned, check out our website, register for a spot and count down the days till you can shwop till you drop.

Hanging out in anticipation (Get it! I cracked a pun. Ha!)

– Sarah

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