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Heading for some square eyes

Wellingtonians are being treated yet again to the jolly fabulous International Film festival . Starting in just two weeks, I recently poured over the programme, circling and asterisking every second blurb that was flying my way. I love a number of genres, but documentaries have to be near the top for me. I adore them. Within the ‘Framing Reality‘ section this year, there is an extraordinary offering of documentaries focusing on the current fix we are in. I hunted out a couple of trailers to get a taster – and by jingos, now I am HUNGRY for some film!


Wasteland looks beautiful and profound and even watching the trailer makes me wanna cry so  I am so, so there.


Quite a lot darker, but looks totally compelling.  After watching Home and feeling entirely distraught for days, I do wonder whether I have the strength to watch this. I do want to though. Mental note: Harden up.


I found it oddly reassuring, that the United States has completely unethical practices messing up its own backyard as well as others.


Thought I had better leave you with something uplifting! The power of the human spirit, of life. And of BABIES! A whole documentary on them! Clucky? Me? No!

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