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Tighty tights

I am not exactly a fan of winter. Unless I am lucky enough to actually be on the side of the mountain, I prefer the other three seasons. And Wellington is wintry, wintry willows right now. With a southerly wind whistling right through the city, its Totally Brrrrrrr.

On Sunday, I was standing on the sideline of a half marathon race that my 73 year old father was partaking in. And rather than whiling away the time figuring out why he was racing and I was watching, I was thanking my tights. My beautiful, beautiful tights for keeping my legs snuggly warm.

If something is to be said for winter its TIGHTS. They keep my diet of dresses a flowing throughout the wintry months and save my pins from sure frostbite. Thank goodness me. But where  to buy semi-ethical tights? Its as if all hosiery is made in China. Or is it?

1. KOWTOW: If you don’t already know Kowtow, then I am letting you in on a diamond of an online store.  Their threads are 100% organic and totally fairtrade. And what I love most is that there is no save-the-world, earthy tones or symbols within sight or sound of their designs. I can personally vouch for their kinker leggings. And they are from Wellington. Long, strong dynamite.

Kinker leggings - kowtow

2. TIGHTOLOGY: Well first of all they have a great name. And second of all they are made in Australia. Third of all, made of organic cotton. Fourth of all, recycled packaging. Choice ness.  Admittedly, I have only just now discovered them so I am as much a beginner as the next person. Fingers crossed they deliver to NZ?


3. COLUMBINE: I have a lot of love for Columbine and I think you should too. An admittedly poopy website (anyone for some hosiery tips??) shouldn’t put you off because you will find them stocked everywhere worth their socks.  Next time you trot off to Farmers, check out where all the other stockings are made and then buy Columbine, still made right here in Gisborne. I feel like and L and P ad but hey, I’m proud.

4. IMPRINT: I just bought a pair of these – made in New Zealand with snappy screen prints on them, they are pretty ace. I went for a rather sedate black footless pair with ponies running at the ankles, and I love them. The selection is pretty choice and they have a stack of stockists too.

4. AMERICAN APPAREL: Yup, you know. Trade – unionised, made in California, free shipping worldwide. I like what they do. And they have an enviable range of ‘Fame’ type hosiery that just about makes me want to get  a leotard again.

Light up the sky like a flame

Whether this is a good idea or not to reconsider this is debatable. And I do kind of think, we should probably be able to find tights for our pins that are kind to the earth and its people this side of the Equator. Surely? But if you can’t heck, go nuts. Their selection is awesome.

Note: see below – shame on me for not doing my research properly. Oops.

2 thoughts on “Tighty tights”

  1. Firstly, what you guys are doing is awesome.

    Secondly, just gotta throw one minor niggle out there: American Apparel, far from being trade-unionised is actually pretty famously anti-union.

    Not to mention of course the owners 3 sexual harrassment suits and their ‘hot girls only’ hiring policy…

    1. Oh Heck! Thank you! I believed their hype somewhere along the line and famously did not do my research for this :/. I will edit the entry to be more accurate. Cheers 😉

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