Happy Friday!

Its been a hectic week –   lots happening. Hopefully we can bring you lots of  updates about The Big Shwop early next week.

It is coming together so well and we can’t wait to tell you our plans!

Its been a busy week. A real busy week.  This week, for my other job I was lucky enough to attend the International Indigeneous Conference in Auckland. It was inspiring, thought provoking and totally grounding too.  So its time to take a breather this weekend.

As I write this, I am waiting for Marcus and we are cruising to Raglan for a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelax over the long weekend. Got a bach with a stroll to the sea and surrounded by bush. Ahhhhh I can feel the unwind already.

Anyhoo, it’ll be great to have a few days padding around without heels and chilling. And then back to The Big Shwop  😉

Happy (long) weekends people.

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