You’re terrible Louise!

Sorry shwopaholics!

We had our biggest and best Shwop ever and then what do we do? We run for the hills never to be heard from again.Yup – sorry about that, poor form. I think it might be to do with all that concentrated energy arriving on one day and then – boom! Over.

The Big Shwop – Wellington was such a cracking event and this weekend I hope to write a proper report of it. But basically: 270 shwoppers and over 2000 pieces of quality clothing recycled. It was awesome – not without some teething problems, but awesome.

We are pretty excited about our plans that are simmering on the back burner and I will keep you all updated this time. Promise.  Like any good toddler we are growing up and we are looking forward to creating an event with no metaphorical dribbles and sore gums. The Big Shwop is getting even smarter. Yeehar.

This image has naught to do with what I have just written but hey ho – its cool. Happy Decembers people!

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