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Organic Sauvignon for MOMO launching at The Big Shwop – Auckland

Just three days to go and yes ladies, The Big Shwop – Auckland just keeps getting better and better! Not registered yet for the hottest eco-fashion event of the year? Get on over here and do so now!

The 2009 MOMO Sauvignon Blanc will be officially released at The Big Shwop – Auckland. MOMO has supported our eco-fashion event since it first began in August 2008. And this time, they are delighting us with their wonderful first fully certified organic MOMO Sauvignon Blanc.

MOMO Sauvignon Blanc 1.28 MB - JPG

All shwoppers, after registering and handing over their clothes for vouchers can kick back in SPE with a gorgeous glass of this MOMO wine.

The release of this new wine further illustrates MOMO‘s commitment to sustainability. Mr Loza, Seresin Estate General Manager, said that, “at the end of the day, quality is what is most important to our consumers.  The BioGro certification on the back label is an assurance for interested consumers – many of whom are increasingly skeptical about ‘green’ claims, but primarily we’ve been driven by the belief that organics is a better way to farm, and that it helps us make better wine.”

There is such a lovely synchronicity between MOMO‘s commitment to making quality green wine, and The Big Shwop’s commitment to providing a way for us to have quality, green fashion.

Two thumbs up MOMO!


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