Auckland, The Big Shwop, thumbs up

Big ups to bFM

Every ‘Big Shwop’ we put on is only made possible by the support we receive from great local companies and open minded individuals interested in sustainability.

It’s a pretty amazing feeling bringing together several hundred women to participate in a totally new way of shopping, and through every event we forge new and exciting relationships that always encourage us to keep doing what we do and move forward.

This time around bFM has kindly supplied the DJ equipment so that we can have funky live music at the event – so big ups to Sarin and the promo team for making this happen for us!!!


Check them out at:

recently returned from NYC – DJ Miss Fabrik8  will be spinning some lovely laid back funk soul and hip hop for the duration of the Shwop. Just another reason to come and check it out – Saturday September 26 from 11 am – 4 pm at The Langham on Symonds St  in Auckland.

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