Auckland, thumbs up

two thumbs up: trilogy skincare

Toot toot! Just six days to go till The Big Shwop – Auckland. Exciting! Don’t forget to register online at to guarantee a spot.

The Big Shwop  is not only about divine clothes, but also super styley sustainability. We’ve got some spectacular goodies lined up to help create a really enjoyable eco-fashion day on Saturday.

Trilogy skincare are providing two wonderful eco products for shwoppers to choose from.  Trilogy skincare products are absolutely brilliant. They bring high performance skin and hair care with maximum effect on your skin with minimum effect on our environment. Love that.

All shwoppers can choose a complimentary beauty treat – either a Trilogy Botanical Moisture Masque (95ml RRP $29.90) or a Trilogy Rose Hand Cream (100ml RRp $25.90 50ml RRP $14.95)

Botanical Masque TiltThe Botanical Moisture Masque banishes bad hair days for all hair types, especially those that are dry and damaged. The unique botanical formula helps to restore life and vitality, reduces frizz and fly -aways and makes hair more manageable. It’ll make your hair shine with good health.

HandCream50ml_HRES_CCThe Rose Hand Cream is divine. It is light and non-greasy and protects even the driest hands. It smells sensational and is a beautiful blend of Rose essential oil, botanical extracts and Shea and Cocoa butter. Yum.

Brilliant! A $10 entry has never stretched so far – a fresh new wardrobe and delicious beauty products to take home.

And guess what? The craziest thing is that is not all you get for being a forward thinking shwopper.  Stay tuned for further treats planned at The Big Shwop – Auckland.

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