Eco-fashion on the catwalk

Eco-fashion is taking over. It is great to see fashion labels, both here and overseas rethinking how their garments are being made.

“Eco-fashion” should refer to stylized clothing that uses environmentally sensitive fabrics and responsible production techniques. Clothes and accessories that meet such criteria are usually made using organic raw materials, such as cotton grown without pesticides, or re-used materials such as recycled plastic from old soda bottles. Eco-fashions don’t involve the use of harmful chemicals and bleaches to color fabrics—and are made by people earning fair wages in healthy working conditions.

Beware though! The term eco-fashion can be plastered pretty darn loosely because there is no set criteria for how it can be used. There are a few pretty darn nasty fashion labels putting out ‘green’ ranges so they can jump aboard the Green Wash Wagon. Check out this parody of  such eco-fashion approaches below.

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