Auckland, The Big Shwop

The Langham reccy

I tell ya, last weekend was a toughy… Sarah, Inga and I made a quick trip up to Auckland on a reccy mission for the upcoming shwop.

We rolled up to the Langham only to have some dude take off with our car and another dude take our bags!  Outrageous!

The lobby that welcomed us at The Langham - Auckland.

Haha, all jokes aside, Gooorgeoouus probably sums it up for me.  I can’t quite get over how lucky we are to be holding The Big Shwop at The Langham.   On Saturday we sussed out the huge Waitemata Ballroom which will be our venue on the day, and have arranged for the adjacent SPE bar and cafe to be open for all Shwoppers so they can have lunch while enjoying their glass of complimentary MOMO wine and meeting like-minded shwopping souls.

The infinity salt water pool

Sunday morning was spent in total bliss at The Langham’s Chuan spa somewhere in between the snail shower, herbal steam room, ice cave and infinity salt water pool! Then… several hours later hang-over free , ready to take on the world we all went and gave out our flyers around Auckland shops.  What a fun experience – it’s so nice to be doing something so well received.  This, more than anything, makes it all worthwhile – roll on the 26th… I can’t wait!


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