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Living in the Age of Stupid

Yet another thumbs-up for a film – we are good at doing that!!

The Age of Stupid is set  in the future around a dude who is looking back at what went wrong. Looking back at the times we are living in today.  The dude, the archivist played by Pete Postlethwaite, ruminates on why, when we knew what was happening, we choose to do nothing about it.

Its very compelling and beautiful. The Age of Stupid, takes you on a journey around the world to hear of real stories about people today affected by climate change. Pete Postlethwaite delivers some great thoughts, and for that reason I am trotting off to see it again…. his character laments our decisions, stating that,  ” I just find it surprisingly that after so much effort, the final act of our existence should be suicide.”

Go and see it. Its really cool. Check out the preview……….

Or if you are well interested, check out the doco of its 5 year making here (dont worry it doesn’t ruin a thing!)

I hope it fills multiplexes all over our very stretched world.

– Sarah

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