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Hand made revolution

courtesy of Handmade Nation
courtesy of Handmade Nation

On Monday I went along and checked out the documentary, The Handmade Nation, showing at the Paramount.

The documentary showed crafters from around America talking about their craft, how they got into it, their philosophy behind it etc.  They showed a bookbinder, glass bead maker, people who handprinted cool music posters, embroiderers, sewers, knitters and loads of other cool crafty people doing their thing.

Apart from seeing the gorgeous things they were making I loved hearing the way the tallked aobut craft and crafters.  The revolution of craft, craft stems from punk, taking back the power, sticking it to the state, freedom, more fun than drugs (haha that got the biggest laugh from the audience).  I love that stuff.

But by far my favourite was this group of knitters, who, under the cover of darkness, pull up next to a street pole, the whole group of them pile out of the car, quickly attach their knitting to the grey metal pole, effectively covering it in a giant colourful stripey legwarmer and then quickly, scuttle away.

Anarchy through craft, bring it on


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