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Recycle your unwanted fabric

If you don’t know what to do with your unwanted fabric,

read on… 

Charlotte Little  is undertaking her Masters project in sustainable fashion design – her project aims to reduce the  unnecessary mass production of clothing that is creating masses of waste and affecting our planet!

Her idea is fascinating, in 2008 she began her research into the area of sustainable fashion design with the hypothesis; to make clothing sustainable it must be able to be worn everyday.

“If clothing is designed and tailored for a specific individual and able to be worn everyday it could allow the wearer to develop a relationship with the garment, and possibly create a desire to keep the garment forever as the garment becomes a treasure. “

She started by designing an organic, biodegradeable dress that she then wore everyday for 209 days.

“The dress was designed from a common silhouette that I generated from my wardrobe. I designed a collection inspired from this dress to create a wardrobe specific to my lifestyle and me.”

To find out whether this process could work on a larger scale, Charlotte will use the fabric she collects to design for three people and from that see whether it’s possible to create a system for designing clothing specific for someone and their lifestyle available for the wider community.

If you want to give your material a new life and support this great project please contact

(material should be at least 50cm long)

Check out this clip which shows how Charlotte wore her dress for 209 days !



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