Auckland, The Big Shwop, thumbs up

The Big Shwop is coming to Auckland in style!

Its probably time to let you blog readers in on the happenings.

As I wrote a wee while ago now, we are coming to Auckland! I reckon we are all pretty darn psyched down here in Wellington to bring the shwop concept up to all you swanky and styley Aucklanders. It is going to be an absolute blast.

What makes it even cooler is the uber-gorgeous venue in which we are holding The Big Shwop – Auckland. The Langham, Auckland is one of the luxury hotels of the world, a splendid 5 star hotel that last year received the top business environmental award from the New Zealand Government.  We are pretty thrilled to collaborate with a business that has such a solid commitment to reducing their effect on the environment and promoting sustainability.

So….. what are the deets I hear you ask? Check out all the dates and deets, over on our website. Till then I will leave you will a shot of the lobby at The Langham.  I can see you sashaying across this floor with your fashionable clothes for shwopping already.

The Langham lobby


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