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My friend Joy and I have begun swapping philsophical rants via email. She is in the Philippines at the moment and slapped in the face daily by some of the global challenges.  Its great corresponding because it helps to formulate my thoughts when accosted by climate naysayers. And just the other day, Joy sent me this nugget of a monologue and its awesome so thought I would share. …. She writes,
“I’m just trying to be better at living, you know (yep, you do know). I want to support local things so that they will be there and
available to me in perpetuity, because realistically; cool, well made, healthy, and locally-, sustainably- and ethically-made stuff cannot compete with shitty Chinese made crap made by 8 year old kids on $2 a  day unless we support it with our wallets.  Because if we don’t, they won’t be around anymore and all we’ll have is shitty Chinese made  crap.  I just think it’s important.  Globalisation has a real shitty down side.  And really, do I need another crappy t-shirt that will  spontaneously combust if I get too close to the heater and shrink 3  sizes after the first wash?  Probably not.  The problem is that we have SO much invested in the current economic  system that even the thought of moving away from it totally blows  heads apart.  Innovate or die I say.”
Bam. Take that naysayers. Thanks Joyous – you are one rocking wahine.

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