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a recipe for op-shopping success…

Take one provincial town, a weekday, twenty dollars and two strong biceps. Make sure the biceps trawl the racks till they ache. Locate potential booty and adjourn to the fitting room. Delight in new found treasures on exit from building. Repeat till all the Vinnies shut at 3pm.

check out a couple of my scores today…..

Ruby jeans
Ruby jeans

Yes, it seems someone thought that they’d had enough of their seemingly unworn, brand new Ruby jeans. As you do. I for one was particularly pleased that their past owner was done with them, because by jingo, I do love Ruby.

scraffito jacket
scraffito jacket

This jacket is immense. Yes I am a sucker for the eighties, but who could pass this by? It has fantastic deep pockets and shoulder pads to boot. Oh bliss. And you can’t really tell in this photo but the scribbles are printed onto the material. It is wicked. And the leather belt?! Well….lets just say it was a good day.

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