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denim blues

I forgot to say how gorgeous our afternoon on Sunday was with the Friends of The Big Shwop…. oh and the feast! Spiced apple cake, homemade ginger bread with blue cheese and pear, delicious choc cake, homemade tarts, mulled wine. It was divine!

Because I am oft a spinner I forgot to pick up my camera and take some pics… lesson learnt!

We talked about the philosophy of The Big Shwop and then soaked our brains in China Blue. Its a powerful human rights doco and if you get the chance to watch it –  do. It follows a 15 year old girl called Jasmine in her job as  a thread cutter in a jeans factory in China. And makes it apparent how very skew-wiffy our relationships are with those who are making our high street clothes.

For me, it made me even more conscious of the price paid for a cheap pair of jeans here in New Zealand. And its not paid by me! Brutal truths.

China Blue - the doco
China Blue - the doco

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