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home sweet home

We trotted rather dutifully off to a screening of ‘Home’ by Yanns Arthus Bertrand last weekend. He is the guy who did that beautiful mega-photo essay of  ‘Earth from Above’  a few years back.


Home is a feature length doco about the history of the earth and our impact on it. It gets pretty grim in the middle there, but it also focuses on solutions and what we can do. It is breathtakingly beautiful – to me the cinematography alone makes this a must see film. Our earth is so stunning!! I am a sook granted, and it made me terrifically misty eyed looking at the mess Papatuanuku is in.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the project is that it is free to view. The whole film is on YouTube. Watch it. I have posted a link on the right there so it is super easy for you.

Check out the preview below

Loved it.


2 thoughts on “home sweet home”

  1. Yay – totally loving your blog.

    We also just watched this film and totally agree that it is a must see experience. Not only is it visually stunning, but the message is 100 per cent compelling……let’s all make a difference! It makes me feel somewhat awkward to admit that I live upstream (thousands of miles) from the Tar Sands, in a territory dominated by diamond mining, in a nation that is behind the rest of the industrialized world in terms of carbon emissions. Yes Canada certainly has to make some big changes.

    Keep up the wonderful work you beautiful ladies….I’ll be watching closely from this sub arctic place I call home.

    1. Ohwee, our first comment! Thanks Nicole. Isn’t it funny? Its so easy to think that Canada and NZ are green as, but under the covers its really not that pretty. Stoked to have you on board, in a virtual way!

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