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Hello world!

Wowzers… here we go with The Big Shwop’s blog…. to check out what The Big Shwop is in the first place – check us out at our ‘proper’ website, here.

The Big Shwop’s that we have held so far have been pretty darn awesome and we are real excited about being a small cog in a bigger wheel of eco-conscious fashion. Toot, toot full  wheel power ahead!

I reckon The Big Shwop is a small embodiment of a greater tide turn in our  indulgent world… I suppose the reaction to shwopping in general has made me for one  really begin to think hard about the philosophy of what we are doing.

We are keen ones for a yarn  – either about the trivial or the overwhelming  – so it kind of  seemed natural to share that korero here in the virtual world with you guys – the devoted shwopper and soon to be shwoppers…. So… Yay for keyboards!

Stoked to be on an eco-train of thoughts,

Sarah (who posted this)

Inga(who will post something soon)

and Chrissy (who will post something even sooner)

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